Welcome to SilverStripe Platform

This site aims to provide quick answers to the most burning questions about the day-to-day operation of your website or application on SilverStripe Platform.

If you’re looking for the SilverStripe Framework or CMS information you can find that over on our open-source documentation site: https://docs.silverstripe.org/

If you’re a SilverStripe Platform client and can’t find what you’re looking for here, then please contact us and we will do our best to help you on your way.

If you’re interested in finding out more about SilverStripe Platform, you can visit our information page or contact our sales team: solutions@silverstripe.com.

Add users to your stack

If you’re a stack manager, you can add your team to the stack; the user management documentation explains how to add users and how the different roles work.

Access to source code

The platform requires source code to be stored in a git repository; there are two options:

Hosted at code.platform.silverstripe.com

The platform can provide a project at code.platform.silverstripe.com where you can manage your users and project code.

Self managed

If your team manages your git repository, the dashboard will need to be able to access it and use a deploy key for password-less cloning. The deploy key can be accessed from your stack overview page on platform.silverstripe.com and is unique to that stack.

Here are a couple of links on how to set up a deploy key on some common git hosting services:

A stack manager can change the git repository URL on the stack overview page by clicking the “Edit stack” button.


The platform installs the project dependencies with composer, so you should ensure that the project has a composer.json file and a composer.lock file that works with “composer install”.

For more information see Project setup

Required modules

To ensure that your site is working correctly on the platform, we provide a minimal set of required SilverStripe modules. Without theses modules, the site will not function properly and CMS may be unusable.


The project must have a .platform.yml file. It can be used to modify the capabilities of your stacks.

For more information see .platform.yml file.

CLI support for dev/build

Since the platform installs and releases the source code in a command-line user interface (CLI) environment, you need to ensure your project is compatible with our release scripts.

On deploy, our scripts run ./framework/sake dev/build flush=1 from the root of the project; there might be subtle differences running dev/build from a command-line environment compared to via a web browser, so ensure that dev/build works in a CLI environment.

The above command should also be runnable on an empty database, which is the case for your first deploy to the platform.

Configure whitelist

Environments on a newly-created stack are locked down to disallow public access. You can set up access to the stack by following the whitelist documentation.

Configure variables

Environment specific configuration (e.g. API endpoints) can be set via the variables section of dashboard.

Create a deployment

By now you should be able to create a release and deploy it, see deployments.

Importing database and assets

After you have completed your first successful deployment, you can restore a snapshot of an existing database and assets. Snapshots allow you to import and move data between environments.

Domain names

A new stack comes with default placeholder domains in the format of “-.sites.silverstripe.com”. To configure your own see the domains page on how to manage your project’s domain names.


To ensure delivery of emails from your project, please read the email section.

Web Application Firewall

Your stack may be set up to use a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect it from malicious traffic and attacks. On WAF we describe how it relates to a SilverStripe stack and how to enable it on the platform.


If you require a VPN for intranet or secure connection to your on-premise network, we recommend that you contact us before ordering a stack since there are limitations on how this can be deployed.


You can try the FAQ, the search on the top of the page or contact us.