Platform features

This section describes features that are available on the latest version of the SilverStripe Platform.

Can’t see a feature in the dashboard?

Role not permitted

Your role might not be permitted to access the feature (for example you could be a Team Member). Talk with your Release Manager or Stack Manager to resolve this.

Infrastructure outdated

Your infrastructure version might be too old. You can check it through the Platform Dashboard - if it’s outdated, you can wait for autoupgrade to occur, or run a full deployment yourself straight away.

Platform revision outdated

Your environment might be running on an old Platform revision. Features are only visible if the underlying Platform revision supports them. If you still don’t see your feature appearing, you will have to contact SilverStripe Helpdesk to migrate your stack.

Solution Architecture Document

Detailed documentation about the technical infrastructure, security considerations and processes behind SilverStripe Platform is available through a Solution Architecture Document.

Please contact support to gain access.