User Management

Stack Managers are able to manage existing users’ roles and invite new users to their stack via the SilverStripe Platform Dashboard.

To access the user management section click ‘Team’ in the left navigation under your chosen stack:

Team Navigation - Left Sidebar

Roles & Permissions

For a full description of roles and permission see the roles page.

Invite a User To Your Stack

Stack managers can invite a user to their stack by entering the users email address and selecting a role from the role dropdown. The user will receive and invitation via email which they must accept before being added to the stack.

Users who already exist in the dashboard can log in and accept the invitation on the profile page. New users will be asked to sign up before being able to accept the invitation.

To invite a user, click the ‘Invite’ button in the top right corner and fill out the form presented.

Team Navigation - Left Sidebar

Once a user has signed up, you can choose to add them to Gitlab if they require access to the codebase (instructions). Please remember there’s an IP whitelist in place for Gitlab access.

Cancel An Invitation

You can cancel a pending invitation at any time. Invitations are shown in the user table as greyed out rows:

Cancel Invitation

You will be asked to confirm he cancellation before any action is taken.

Change a User’s Role

To change a users’ role you can click the edit button in the user table. Select the new role from the dropdown and press ‘Save’.

Change Role
Change Role

Remove a User

Stack Managers can remove a user from their stack at any time. This will not compeltely remove them from SilverStripe Platform, but will revoke all permissions to your stack.

Remove User